My passion for reading and writing has existed since I remember. This passion brought me to this profession and the profession brings me back to the necessity to express awareness of my surroundings and explain or address human issues with ink and paper. My lifetime relationship with the acts of reading and writing allows me to create parallel fictional worlds and to study the many worlds written by others. Life experiences shape the processes of our thinking, reading, and writing.  Mine are as follows.
This choice, among others, led me to study accounts of the colonization of Perú and the Americas in written and visual iconic texts authored by European and Indigenous men and women, as well as recreations of these accounts in Latin American cultural production up through our current times. My latest work with the Association of Gender and Sexuality Studies provides a platform to think about and work on racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, and social fluidities, intersectionality, (self)identification, decoloniality and beyond–much of which is yet unknown and waits for us to uncover.