Special Topics: Literatura y otras artes


Special Topics in SPANISH (4th year Advanced) | Literature and Other Arts in the Hispanic World
Topics courses in Spanish reflect on a range of themes that help understanding the Hispanic world in its social, historical, and artistic context

Course Description
This specific section deals with the interaction between literary and visual expression by/ about Hispanic societies in both sides of the Atlantic. We pay special attention to visual descriptions of landscapes and people made by European as well as by native and mestizo authors and artists of Latin America. Both practices are examined in relation to belief systems native to Latin America, historical context and the encounter and mutual influences of Indigenous and Western traditions. Materials to be studied in this class include paintings, photography, literature and readings on history and art history. This class is taught in Spanish.
Prerequisite: Latin America and Its Literature

Learning Goals
At the end of this class the students should be able to:
1. Reflect critically about visual images that constitute historical, political, religious documents and their difference with those produced as pieces of fine arts
2. Distinguish between representations of the Hispanic world and their people made by Europeans and people native to the Americas
3. The relationship between written descriptions and visual renderings of land and people

Required Materials
Cristóbal Colón. “Carta a Luis de Santángel” (1493)
Carlos Fuentes. El Espejo Enterrado. (Selected chapters: “El conflicto de los dioses,” “La cultura barroca del Nuevo Mundo,” “La cultura de la Independencia,” “América Latina.”)
Andrés Bello. “Silva a la Agricultura de la Zona Tórrida” (1826)
Manuel González Prada. “Nuestros Indios” (1904)
José Carlos Mariátegui. “El Problema del Indio,” Siete Ensayos de Interpretación de la Realidad Peruana (1928)
Martin Chambi, Archivo fotográfico. Web. http://martinchambi.org/en/
Heirshon, R, Guerra and W. Von Bonin. Frida Kahlo. Documental 1983
Descifrando el código maya. NOVA PBS, 2008