Cultural Readings and Composition in Spanish

spanish-composition-using-filmSpanish composition using film and social topics

SPANISH | Cultural readings and composition in Spanish (3rd year)

Course Description
This course is designed to help students develop writing and reading comprehension skills in Spanish. To achieve this goal, we will learn how to write summaries, descriptions, narratives, and expository essays. This course emphasizes the complete writing process and helps students to consider writing as an important communicative tool. During the course we also review grammar and vocabulary to assist with your Spanish language and writing proficiency.
Prerequisite: Advanced Spanish Grammar

Learning Goals
At the end of this class the students should be able to:
1. Respond to reading comprehension in Spanish with increased accuracy
2. Manage the foundational elements of each written genre that has been studied in class
3. Make better use of Spanish grammar, vocabulary and punctuation in order to write research papers in SPN advanced classes

Required Materials
Lapuerta, P. y G. Mejía, La escritura paso a paso (2008)
A good Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary, for example Merriam Webster or Collins
Ladrón que roba a ladrón (film, Mexico 2007)