My research and teaching activities inform each other. I have developed undergraduate and graduate courses with a variety of topics that range from Spanish reading comprehension, rhetoric and writing, to Indigenous cultures of the Americas, representations of self and others, and cultural mediations. I design courses that may be taught in the physical classrooms, the digital online environment, or as a hybrid of both. I use backward-design when preparing my courses with the careful consideration of student learning goals. Knowing the academic profile and expectations of students including the skills and content they would acquire plus reinforced in the classroom informs the selection, organization and implementation of course content and assignments that measure student’s learning outcomes, a key component of assessment.

My IAH 203 course on “Native Latin America” received the 2012 Fintz Award in Teaching Excellence in the Arts and Humanities. Another project “Discovering Diversity through Languages of Color,” supported by the former CAITLAH Inclusive Teaching Resource Network, allowed me to work with a group of students to video log the impact and value of language diversity in their own lives. The results of this project can be viewed in the Videos section of this site.

Here you will find descriptions and learning goals of undergraduate and graduate courses I normally teach as well as outcomes and presentations related to the scholarship of teaching. If you are interested in the syllabus of any specific class, please feel free to contact me.

UG: General Education in the Arts and Humanities
 Latin America and the World: Native Latin America (Freshman-Seniors, IAH 203)
Traditions in World Art: Latin American Indians as Subject and Makers of Art (Sophomore-Seniors, IAH 241F)

UG: Spanish
 Cultural readings and composition in Spanish  (3rd year)
 Introduction to Reading Hispanic Literatures (3rd year)
Topics in Hispanic Culture (3rd year)
   – Latin American Telenovelas
 Latin America and its literature (4th year)
 Spanish Peninsular Literature (4th year)
 The Structure of Spanish (4th year)
Literatures of the Americas (4th year)
   – Madres del verbo: Spanish American Women Writers
   – Early Spanish American Texts
Special Topics in Spanish (4th year, advanced)
   – Indigenous writings of Latin America
   – Literatura y otras artes/ Literature and Other Arts in the Hispanic World

NCAIS Graduate Summer Institute: Recording the Native Americas (Team-taught)
Special Topics in the Arts & Humanities: Women’s Textual Agency in the Pre-modern Era (Team-taught)
 Literary Theory
 Spanish Early Modern/Golden Age Literature
Colonial Spanish American Literatures
   – Early Historiography of the New World and the Invention of America
   – The Imperial Gaze and the Discursive Canon of Colonial Letters
   – Colonial Women’s Writings in their Literary Context
   – Sight: Visual and Textual Representations of the New World
   – Colonial perceptions: Sight and other senses from the Renaissance to the Baroque of Indies
Literary Trends in the Hispanic World: Indigenous Writings of Colonial Spanish America
Hispanic Literary Genres: The Latin American Historical Novel
Colonial and Postcolonial Studies: From the Colonial Subject to the Post-Colonial Latin American citizen

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