Research collaborations

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In addition to the co-editions of collections of essays (see”scholarship“), a team-taught graduate seminar, and the 2014 summer institute at The Newberry Library, the following activities feature recent collaborations with colleagues across various fields:

1.  (in collaboration with Valentina Denzel and GNN) 2019 Graphic Narratives Network Symposium: Translation. Comics, and Media. April 11-13, 2019.

2. (In collaboration with Safoi Babana-Hampton) “iNarratives: Multicultural Perspectives on Telling the Self” October 5, 2016, Michigan State University (MSU). With the participation of MSU faculty of Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese.

3. (In collaboration with Safoi Babana-Hampton) “Subalternity in the Romance World: (In)Equality of Speech?” April 17, 2015, Michigan State University (MSU). With the participation of MSU faculty of French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

4. (In collaboration with Emily Holley, MSU Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies)  “In the Shadow of Cortés: From Veracruz to Mexico City. 500 Years of Latin American Diversity.” Photographic Exhibit and Symposium. March 16, 2014-April 17, 2015) Creating Inclusive Excellence Grant, Office of Intercultural Activities and Diversity.

4. (In collaboration with American Indian Studies at Michigan State University) “The Indigenous People of the Americas as Subject and Makers of Photographs.” A research round table in connection with The Wanamaker Collection exhibit. March 15, 2012.

5. (In collaboration with Mindy Morgan, Professor of Anthropology) Interdisciplinary Symposium “The Global Script of Indigenous Language and Identities” October 29-31, 2008, Michigan State University.

6. (In collaboration with the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies): Organization of Advanced Seminar Series “Charlas” (2001-2015):

• 2015: In the Shadow of Cortes: From Veracruz to Mexico City by Kathleen Myers, Indiana University.
• 2014: Performance/Performance Politics: Collective Art Movements in Argentina and Brazil by María Claudia André, Hope College.
• 2008: The Origin(ality) of Latin American Transculturation by Dr. Song No, Purdue University.
• 2006: Dollarization in Latin America by Myriam Quispe, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.
• 2005: Llorar, Domesticar, Unir: Imperial Ethics in the Royal Commentaries of the Incas by Patricio Boyer, University of Notre Dame.
• 2003: From the Literary Salon to the Eclectic Kitchen: Women, Nation and Literary Culture in Nineteenth-Century by Dr. Rocío Ferreira, De Paul University.
• 2002: Colonial Minorities: Indigenous Conversations and the Production of the Text in the Sixteenth-Century by Dr. Gladys Ilarregui, University of Delaware.
• 2001: Did the Inka write? by Dr. Gary Urton, Harvard University.