Spanish Peninsular Literature


SPANISH | Spanish Peninsular Literature (4th year)

Course Description
This course aims to give an overview of the major trends in Spanish Peninsular literature from the Middle Ages to the Golden Age (11th-17th centuries). Through a close reading of selected texts (poetry, prose, cuentos), this course focuses on the development of artistic writing in Spain within its historical, political, and social context.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Reading Hispanic Literatures

Learning Goals
At the end of this class the students should be able to:
1. Think critically about artistic texts produced in Medieval and Golden Age Spain
2. Read carefully literary texts, understand them and analyze their content and purposes
3. Build a mental map of Spain’s traditions and beliefs and their timeline

Required Materials
Antonio Sánchez-Romeralo and Fernando Ibarra, eds. Antología de autores españoles antiguos y modernos
A good Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary, for example Merriam Webster or Collins